Monday, October 24, 2016

Preston at 23 Months

How is this big/little chunk going to be 2 in a few weeks?? (HOLD ME)

Stay tuned for a detailed update then.   In the meantime, let's just bask in the cuteness and the size of his cheeks. 

Andrew Plays Soccer!

Andrew had been telling us for awhile that he wanted to play soccer, and had NO interest in playing t-ball again.  We signed him up for our neighborhood soccer league, and he's had so much fun!  He loves going to practice and playing in the games. 

This was before his first practice.  He wanted to make a "mean" face.

By the first game he had perfected the "mean" face.

He scored 3 goals in his first game!  We are so proud of him for having a (mostly) good attitude.  I'm glad he likes the sport, and it has provided a good opportunity for many lessons.  He is also on a great team...super sweet kids and parents. That always makes activities more enjoyable.

Girls Day

A few Saturdays ago we had a Girls Day with Sonia and Sarina.  We went to Memorial City Mall for lunch at the American Girl Cafe' and shopping.

The girls picked out matching dresses to wear to school, and agreed to wear them the next Friday when they had PE together.

They even put on a performance for the mall visitors!

And here they are in their matching dresses, with matching pink pigtails, because why not?  Six is such a fun age.

September FUN!

The Sugar Land Town Square had a dinosaur event, with people dressed up as dinosaurs.  It was SO crowded, but SO worth it to see Andrew's reaction.  Madeline was terrified and Aimee got whacked in the head by a T-Rex tail.  It was an eventful evening.

Niki and Ryan's Birthday
Niki and Ryan's birthdays are within a few days of each other.  We celebrated with a family dinner at Pappasito's.  

Museum of Natural Science
My mom and I took the boys to the Museum of Natural Science in Sugar Land.  

Preston enjoyed it so much, and was especially fascinated by the frogs and lizards.  It's nice that he is getting to the age to enjoy these sort of things.

Their favorite part was the dinosaur bone dig.


On the first bearable day of the month we went with some friends to the zoo.

We saw the elephants get a bath...

...and one elephant did a headstand!

Our favorites were the orangutans. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


This kid and his puzzles.  He loves to work on them, and can easily finish 100 piece puzzles by himself. 

September was HOT.  The plus side is that we were able to spend some weekdays at the splash pad.

Preston screams if I try to put him in the front seat of a shopping cart, and will try and climb out if I put him in the basket. Snacks will not work, so in a pinch I'll give him my phone.  The result? My phone is filled with pictures like this.

After our walk home from school the kids love to climb in this tree in our front yard.

The Aggies are off to a great start, and we are so excited to have football back on TV.  Preston will even ask to watch it during the day.

This kid loves pockets.

Mid-September we were still having water balloon fights.

These were Madeline's vocabulary words one week.  You haven't lived until you try and describe the word "schema" to a six year old.

If you wake up at 5:30 am and refuse to go back to sleep, you might pass out on mommy's floor (and she'll leave you there).

I have high hopes that this stinker of a third child will be self sufficient.  I walked into my bathroom, and he had drug this kid chair out of my closet, pulled it up to the counter, grabbed the brush and told me he was fixing his hair.

My kids fight over who will sit in this chair every.single.morning for breakfast.  Occasionally one of them will sneak downstairs and claim it before the others are up.  One morning I walked into the kitchen and saw Preston and Fluffy Puppy claiming their breakfast spots.

The kids found a snail in my parents backyard and for a week we had an adopted pet.  Madeline made a habitat for it, and it lived for a week before "mommy put it back in its natural habitat." (RIP Ms. Snail)

The night before our new floors were put in we let the kids color all over the carpet with markers.  

As if floor installation week wasn't crazy enough, Preston got Hand, Foot, Mouth and started running a high fever while we were camping out at Peter and Niki's house.  Luckily he had a mild case, but it did knock him out for a few days.

The boys had Grandparents' day at their school, and both GiGi and Granny were able to attend.

This is the first year Andrew can check out books from his school library, and he is always so excited about his selections.  He was extra pumped about the "JJ Watt" book.

Madeline and I attended a bridal shower for (almost) Aunt Andrea.  We are SO excited to be adding another female to this family.  Love these Kleckley women!

Papa K and Aunt Jordan's birthdays kick off birthday season, and we celebrated at our house.

While the Kleckleys were at our house, Jon enlisted the help of his brothers to fix our front door.  After they took it off the hinges Madeline sighed and said, "I'm going to have to write about this in writing  time."


Folks in Brazoria County started this thing called "Brazoria County Rocks", where people decorate rocks with inspirational quotes/pictures/messages.  The big kids and I had fun decorating rocks and leaving them around our neighborhood.

Anytime I hear the kids say "Let's Play Trip" I know two things will happen: 1. It will create a BIG mess 2. It will keep them occupied for a long time.

Father Fred wanted to make a trip to Costco, so he and my mom met the boys and I for a shopping trip.  Father Fred was a trooper and pushed the boys around in this basket.

What's wrong with this picture?

Uncle Mac and Aunt Peggy came in town for a visit.  We went to eat at Villa Capri.  Poppy graciously kept the wiggle worms occupied by taking them to play on the pier.

Madeline was so proud of her first school project.

The big kids had a random 24 hour fever within a few days of each other and missed school.  We were playing outside to get some fresh air, and Madeline labeled the club house "Mrs. Sick School."

I wanted to keep Andrew home an extra day to make sure he was 100%, so I took him to Costco to load up on wine for my mom's birthday party.  Can you tell he was thrilled?  In the store he was YELLING: "Why does GiGi drink wine so much?  GiGi is going to buy all the wine in Costco and drink it.  Why do grown ups like wine?  This is taking me over! "

Preston was the winner of the t-shirt game.

Confession:  If it doesn't come from HEB or Costco I don't want to physically shop for it.  Shopping in stores make me anxious.  The convince of websites with free shipping and extra savings makes it SO much easier to take care of things from home.  Except when it all shows up on one day.

In one of those packages was Andrew's Halloween costume.  He's just a little bit excited. :)

On Madeline's first day of GT she had to apply Bloom's Taxonomy to the study of Whales (which resulted in 3 pages of hand written research).  HUH? The kid is 6.  When I was in GT I took classes related to theatre and clay creations.  I've been impressed with the material she's covering in school.

My friend Stephanie hosted Pirate Bunco on September 30th, the night before my birthday.  A super sneaky husband and kiddos rang the doorbell and left a birthday note and flowers for me.  They also made cookies "In case the pirates 'arrrgh' hungry."