Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ben and Andrea's Wedding

October 29th was a very exciting day for the Kleckley family.  In the words of Madeline, "Aunt Andrea is FINALLY part of our family!"  It was a wonderful, memorable and beautiful weekend.  Picture overload ahead (disclaimer: I didn't bring my big camera, so apologies for my crummy iPhone pictures.  The good wedding pics are from my mom's camera).

Friday evening we met at St. Anne in Houston.  Andrew was a ring bearer, and the pillow he carried was the same one Andrea's mom used at her wedding.

 Jon was a groomsman, so our boys had to be on their best behavior.  Except they were not.  Andrew and Will loved their mustaches and thought they looked just like Papa K.

Kenneth and Gerilyn hosted the Rehearsal dinner at Ouisie's Table.  I've said it before and I'll say it again:  my MIL knows how to plan a party!  She thought of everything and more...

...seriously, have you seen a cuter favor than cookies resembling the bride and groom?  Plus it made for good jokes. "Hey Jon, want to literally bite your brother's head off?"

Kleckley women

The weather outside was perfect for mingling on the patio.  

Kleckley men, minus Preston who was with Peter and Niki

Gerilyn had "Ben and Andrea" dolls made.  Andrew and Olivia were playing with the dolls and making them kiss.  So funny.

The wedding was Saturday night, so Jon left early Saturday morning to go to Top Golf with the boys. The kids and I headed up to The Houstonian after naps.  Give these two a suitcase and hotel beds to jump on, and excitement will be off the charts.

We had a late lunch in the hotel with the Kleckley crew, then headed to our room to get dressed.  

These two were just a little bit excited.  We had been practicing our dance moves for months and the big day was finally here!

Preston hung out with my mom and Aimee while the boys took pictures.

They clean up well, don't they?

All dressed up, and Preston is sporting his signature look. :) 

After family pictures at the hotel we boarded a bus to the church.  

On the bus ride Andrew reached over and held my hand.  Too sweet.

Before the wedding the guys were hanging in a conference room.  Andrew and Will tried to get their wiggles out by climbing on the tables.  And let's document Uncle Paul's exact words: "My kid won't do that." :)

Aimee came with us to help out with the kids and we were SO grateful.  Her date was pretty cute too. 

Andrew and Will did a great job walking down the aisle.

Andrea looked beautiful!

After the wedding, it was PARTY time!  Luckily Preston had two afternoon naps.  He kept saying "dance Uncle Ben's wedding".

When the Houstonian doesn't have juice boxes, you settle for a Shirley Temple. :)

Y'all.  This reception.  Everything was beyond beautiful!  Flowers, candles, and even a black and white dance floor for Andrea's favorite colors.  It was perfection.

This arrangement was behind the bar.

Between Jon and I's families, there are 9 kids.  Now everyone is married but these two!

So apparently I took TONS of videos of the kids dancing and no pictures.  All day we had been telling the kids they couldn't act like crazy people until after the wedding.  Let's just say they made up for it.  The boys were rolling on the floor, Madeline put her twirly dress to good use and Preston wanted the dance floor to himself.  Considering it was 9:00 pm and they were relatively happy, we just let them have fun.  Preston pitched a huge fit when I pulled him off the dance floor for Ben and Andrea's first dance.  Such a mean mommy.

Love my pops!

Preston finally passed out around 10:30, and Andrew was close behind.  Aimee took them back to the room, and Madeline kept dancing with the grown ups.

Around 11:30 this chick was spent.  

The reception ended around midnight, and we were worn out.  It was SUCH a fun party!  

The next morning the kids slept until 7 am (woo hoo!)  Poppy came and took them for a walk in their PJ's and slippers.  They came back with this glow stick.

 Gerilyn and Kenneth hosted a brunch at the hotel.  We all enjoyed sharing stories from the night before.  Considering the next day was Halloween, Gerilyn had made all the kids matching shirts.

We spent the next week recovering, but it was so worth it.  It was a beautiful weekend!  Congrats, Uncle Ben and Aunt Andrea.  We love you!