Thursday, March 2, 2017

Andrew is 5 + Birthday Questions

  • Height: 44 inches (77%) Weight: 42 lbs 8 oz (63%)
  • He wears size 11 shoe, 5 slim pants and a 5/6 shirt.  He doesn't like to wear jeans, and prefers gym shorts and a t-shirt.  He would also stay in his PJ's all day if we let him.
  • He goes to bed around 7:30/8 pm.  He likes to read books in bed for a little bit before he falls asleep.  He's our earliest riser, sometimes at 6 am (and 5:30 am last week!).  He wakes up happy, so I try to be happy as well no matter what the clock says. :)  Naps are DONE.  At school he gets frustrated with rest time because he has to "lay there for a whole entire circle" (one hour).  On Tuesdays/Thursdays he's still expected to have quiet time in his room while Preston naps.
  •  He still sleeps with Big Bear (using it as a pillow) and his tractor lovey.  He also recently added Climbey (a monkey) and Hank (octopus from Finding Dory) to the mix.  Luckily, he can sleep fine without them but prefers to have his "friends."
  • Food wise, breakfast is still his favorite meal.  He loves pancakes and bacon, and started to drink milk again.  For lunch he likes turkey sandwiches or pretzel chips with hummus.  He's not a big dinner eater, but likes pasta and chicken.  He still won't eat fruit (other than mango), but he's getting better about vegetables.  He's the most picky eater of all 3 kids.
  • He loves going to school, and absorbs everything like a sponge.  He has a huge smile when I drop him off and a huge smile when I pick him up.  He really enjoys going to the school library, and always checks out Star Wars books.
  • Overall, he's a super easy kid.  We were struggling with temper/focus/emotion control issues, so we enrolled him in taekwondo.  Over the past few months, these issues have improved and he absolutely loves going to TKD!  His manners, temper and coordination have all improved.  We love seeing how excited he gets about going to class and achieving different TKD milestones.
  • Academically, he's doing great!  He can read level 1 books easily and often asks for level 2.  His handwriting is neat, but he sometimes reverses certain letters and numbers. 
  • I just love seeing how his brain works.  He asks complicated, thoughtful questions, about everything:  Dinosaurs to Jesus.
  • He loves to be outside.  His favorite outside activities are looking for bugs, poking at ant piles and playing Star Wars with Preston.
  • He loves to spurt off different facts he reads in books or hears at school.  Most of them have to do with dinosaurs or outer space.
  • The kid is a screen addict.  He'd play on the ipad/watch TV all day if we let him.
  • He's a great helper.  If I say "Can you be Mommy's helper and ......" most of the time he is willing.
  • I'm sure this will come back to haunt me later, but for now he's winning the "sweet kid" award in this family.
  • He has continued to enjoy soccer and will play again this Spring.
  • On a side note, I can't believe he will be going to Kindergarten in a few more months.  He's lost the baby face and continues to grow like a weed.  WHY does this kid gig have to go by SO stinking fast????? 
  • His favorite things to play with are dinosaurs, anything having to do with Star Wars, books, workbooks and coloring (he likes to draw monsters and dinos).

Birthday Questions:
How old are you?  five
What makes you happy? hugging you 
What is your favorite animal? elephants
What is your favorite thing to eat? spaghetti
What is your favorite thing to do? play outside
What is your favorite TV show? Miles from Tomorrowland
What are you really good at? running
What is your favorite movie? Home Alone
What is your favorite color? blue
What is your favorite song? "I Like to Move It Move It"
Who is your best friend? Bryce
What do you and your mom do together? play together
What do you and your dad do together? he takes me to taekwondo
What is your favorite sport? football
What is your favorite place to go? Gringo's
What is your favorite book? Star Wars
What do you want to be when you grow up? a dad
Anything else you want to tell me now that you're five? That I like Dad working at his work so he can buy this house and when we move we're going to work with y'all to pay money for it. (Side note:  We've been discussing working for money to pay for things)



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