Monday, March 6, 2017

Andrew Takes on Taekwondo

I've briefly mentioned it, but in January, Andrew started TKD.  After taking a trial class in November, we decided it was something he could really benefit from.  The class works on discipline, coordination, and mind/body focus.  It also seemed like it could help boost his confidence and give him something that was "his".  

I'm happy to report that the class has met all our expectations and more!  It has been a family commitment, because he goes 3 days a week.  The positive side of this is that because Madeline and Preston watch with me, they are learning things as well.  All three kids can count to 10 in Korean, and they enjoy playing "TKD Class" at home.  

Having good manners (saying "yes sir", "no sir")  is also a very important part in TKD.  Andrew has typically been good when it comes to manners, but we've seen a big uptick in the amount we hear "please/thank you/yes ma'am/no ma'am".  Jon and I try to compliment the kids when good manners are used, so an unexpected side effect is that Madeline and Preston's manners have improved as well.  

As Andrew achieves different milestones, he gets different colored pieces of tape on his belt.  These incentives have helped him to work hard and stay focused.

The most exciting part for him has been working to get his yellow stripe belt.  He was SO excited!

The instructors talk quite a bit about respect and good behavior.  After Andrew moved up to his yellow belt, they gave us a behavior chart to pass on to his teacher.  If Andrew gets negative remarks from his teacher, he won't be able to advance to the next belt until his behavior improves.  Can't argue with that. :)  Hopefully it continues to be a good experience for him, because we sure do love watching him do something he loves.

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