Monday, March 20, 2017


For some reason this one is long...bear with me!

This monster loved his "100 days" monster shirt.

The next day this cutie pretended to be a puppy ALL. day. long.

Not to be outdone, P wanted his picture taken too.  And don't get too excited he's wearing undies.  He found them in his drawer and wanted to wear them.

Two dalmatians swinging after school!

P thinks riding in Daddy's truck is about the coolest thing ever.

One morning, I took a look at my recent searches in Apple Music.  If something includes Snoop, can we call it well rounded?

For those who ask what I do all day, here's exhibit A:  I go up to Madeline's school to help out with random things.  My favorite tasks involve anything creative, like covering this door.  I know, so intriguing :).  All was well until I realized I made the flowers in LSU colors. UGH.

I love me some Norstrom, but this hat?? Seriously?

The boys are SO interested in Madeline's homework.  Andrew tries to figure things out with her.  Preston says "I do homework too", and gets a coloring book.  He also must have a mechanical pencil (not standard #2) or it's not "homework"to him.  He will pitch a toddler fit and let you know.

This should have a post of it's own.  Y'ALL.  When I saw this I could NOT stop laughing.  One morning Jon was supposed to take Madeline to school but wouldn't get off the phone.  She shared how she felt about it through this drawing. The details: eye roll, hands on the hips, Jon grinning....I'm going to frame it for him to keep in his office.

Every afternoon Fergie waits in this chair until she sees Mrs. Stephanie and Audrey.  Then she starts barking, and we know it's time to leave and pick up Madeline.

Andrew likes taking pictures of his friends (and himself) with my phone.

Cool dude.

Sweet friends!

In a weak moment, I ordered 7 boxes of girl scout cookies from a neighbor.  I don't know who was more excited about them...

Lots of girls Madeline's age are into this "Rainbow Fairy" series of books.  She's drawn almost all the fairies, including ones she makes up.  We were in Bryan and she drew "Ben the Exciting Fairy".  And she nailed his hair!!

Sweet cousins!

Our kids are growing like weeds.  When did they get so tall??

At least this one still looks like a baby sometimes.  

Madeline had a school project where she had to make a model of a landform, do research and write paragraphs about it.  Jon helped her with the research/writing and I helped with the model part.  She worked hard on it, and we were very proud of her.

We were in LC one afternoon, and I went with my mom and sister to look at model homes.  The pic is kind of funny, but y'all.  This is a LAUNDRY room (and all the mommas said AMEN!)!    It had a desk, art area, folding table, mega cabinets....and it was bigger than my kitchen.

My friend Sara hosted Sadie Hawkins Bunco at her house, which meant our husbands got to come AND we had to dress alike!  So fun! This is the only pic I ended up with.  We all successfully convinced our husbands that we play Bunco because it's a math game. :)

Madeline has been studying Latin in GT class.  I found this drawing in her GT folder.  She said the kids are translating for each other. (Side note: Is it a bad sign when you have to Google your 7 year old's homework? Asking for a friend...)

Lego Friends had a contest where you had to create the next Hearlake City Lego Friends hangout.  The grand prize was a trip to Lego headquarters in Denmark, your set being turned into a *real* Lego set to be sold in stores, and a new Lego character named after the winner.  Madeline did a nice job creating "Heartlake Park."  It was cute, but you know....reality.

HOWEVER.  The winner was announced this week, and the winner (out of 27,000 entries) was a park that was almost identical to Madeline's, just on a smaller scale.  Y'all.  I'd be lying if I said my heart didn't drop for her, because they were so similar.  I'm sure there were hundreds of park entries, but still.  She was bummed.  It was a good lesson for all of us in trying our best, no matter what (and being happy for others).    

Sweet snuggles.

By mid February Spring had sprung, which means almost every meal eaten at home is done in the treehouse.

This pretty girl insisted on trying out for the school talent show.  She wanted to dance, and performed  her ballet from last year's recital.  She didn't make it, but considering "only 2 first graders out of TONS" (her words) made it, she was fine.  Once again, I'm proud of her positive attitude!

This hot mess is into everything.  One morning I caught him flossing his teeth with each individual flosser.  And somehow he had completely undressed himself, too.

We've been taking advantage of the nice weather, and went to lunch with Aunt Niki at Lupe's. 


Somehow they conned me into eating their free desserts even though P didn't finish his lunch.

In art class, Madeline made a Valentine's Card for Grandma and Grandpa.

And the how they always talk on the phone together.

The boys had Go Texan Day at the end of February.  One was happy...

...and the other was not.  He carried around his cowboy hat, but refused to wear it.

Exhibit B of "what do I do all day": May I present this life changing work of school door decor.  Inspiring kids with construction paper and a roll of tape. (sarcasm)

Madeline's school had a fun run one afternoon.  Madeline and Lucas.

Yes, I've posted 100 of these pics, but as he gets older his cheeks are starting to not hang on top of the haircut robe. Boo.

I was working in the yard one Saturday while Jon and the boys were running errands.  Madeline came outside with sliced apples, sipping water from a wine glass.  Lord help me.

The gator does actually get put to work around here.

I sent Grandpa this shirt.  He sent us back a picture of him with the shirt, Trump hat and Trump socks. 

Andrew went to the cutest robot themed birthday party.  Each kid got to build their own robot out of boxes, washers, cans, slinkies, pipe cleaners, etc.  He had so much fun!

Our friends Ben and Ty have lovies just like Preston.  My super smart friend, Leigh Anne, stocked up on them when the twins were little.  They were so sweet, and brought Preston a new giraffe since his looked like a hot mess.  Yes, the comparison is gross. And I wash it every other day.

Preston now insists on sleeping with both.  He started calling the new one "clean Lovey", then "giraffe friend", and now just "giraffe."

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