Sunday, March 5, 2017


 We started off 2017 with a traditional New Year's Day lunch: ham, cabbage casserole, black eyed peas and cornbread.  Madeline set the table and made place cards for everyone.  Uncle Marky joined us for lunch.

Later on we played a game of "sit in the tree while the grown ups do yard work."  Can you find Andrew?

The last day of the Christmas break, we had a big rain shower.  Clouds parted, the sun came out and we ended our day by splashing in muddy puddles (thanks, Peppa Pig).

And apparently the grass is comfortable.

Can we just pause for a minute to shed tears over two year old Madeline?  There are so many things about this picture: 
1.  What I called her "homeless hair".  She refused to wear any sort of headband/bow/hair tie, so it just hung in her face for a year. 
2.  The fairies.  Aimee's friend Emily gave her these fairies for Christmas, and she carried them around for MONTHS.
3.  She was basically Preston's age in this picture.  Sometimes I wonder how my kids would interact with each other if they were the same age.  I have a feeling 2 year old Madeline and 2 year old Preston would have had Fight Club 24/7.

Anywhoo...we live in Texas, so half of January called for shorts and short sleeves.

Occasionally our kids are little angels.  Exhibit #1...

Every year Madeline's school celebrates International Day.  Each student decorate a doll to represent their heritage.  Last year she made an Aggie girl.  This year she wanted a USA girl.  Maybe next year we'll claim Italy.

In January, Preston started swim lessons.  We'll do the "Mommy and Me" class until May, when he turns 2.5.  So far he's loving it, and talks about swimming all week long.

Along with our wacky weather brings some pretty beautiful sights!

We had some pretty perfect days which called for the park.

Hard to believe this little monkey will be in full time school next year.  It makes my momma heart hurt. :(

In the meantime, we'll continue to enjoy preschool at HCA.  Preston is all signed up to go MWF next year.  This will be our 7th year with HCA!

THE tree.  The kids (especially Andrew) are obsessed.  My friend Leigh Anne joked that her twins are going to want to have their birthday party at THE tree.

One night I went to dinner with Sonia and Rini.  Rini used to live by us until she moved a whole 20 minutes away. :)  These two were part of the garage workout group that we started when Madeline was 6 months old.  By the time #2 babies started to arrive, people started moving, kids started MDO, and the garage workouts ended.  I seriously would not have survived the first two years of motherhood without this group.  We had a good laugh about "those days" and how much more well rested we are now. :)

The selfies on my phone...and none come from me.

The kids were off for MLK, so we spent the day in League City.  My parents live on a cul de sac so we spent the morning riding bikes.

The cheeks!

Preston is always trying to hug/kiss/annoy Audrey.  She's a good sport about it. 

So my car can safely fit 6 kids.  Who knew??

I'm a news jukie, and watched all the coverage of the inauguration.  Can we discuss the Trump women's ball gowns?  Perfection. 

Surprisingly (or maybe not), Andrew's class watched part of the inauguration at school.  Madeline's class didn't discuss it.  Andrew came home with this sheet.  He couldn't give me a good reason on why Trump's eyes were red.

One day Granny and Papa K surprised Madeline at lunch.  She was thrilled!

Aimee came out to eat with us one Saturday night.  As the kids get older, they are slightly more behaved in restaurants.

Next topic of discussion:  We are having the hardest time getting M & A to ride their bike without training wheels.  It's driving Jon and I crazy beyond words (and that's saying a lot for us)!  They are both capable of doing it, but just don't want to.  In an act of protest, Jon threw their training wheels in the trash.  Needless to say, the scooters have gotten more action lately.

Love this quote.  Andrew got a great report at his 5 year check up.

The older Madeline gets, the more opinionated she gets about what she wears. I'm getting tired of fighting the battle, so I stopped.  This was her outfit for Sarina's birthday party.

Sarina's party was at a local art place.  The kids painted abstract portraits of themselves.

Andrew's class celebrated 100 days of school, and Madeline's class celebrated 101 days.  They worked hard on their shirts: Andrew made a monster with 100 eyes.  At Madeline's school the entire first grade dressed up as dalmatians.

They even let littlest brother help!

Madeline said "Lovey was tired and needed a nap."

....and another selfie with those earmuffs.

Some of my friends and I took our kids to see the local high school varsity basketball game.  Preston was the most entertained out of my three, and often asks if we can "go watch backet ball".

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