Tuesday, March 7, 2017


P loves swimming lessons.  On swim days, he wakes up and requests to put his bathing suit on.  I have to swim with him right now, so he'll tell me "Mom, get bading suit on.  Mom, we hat go.  We late. See Mr. Jermy"

Andrew: "My lovey is afraid of heights."

We were in New Orleans, and the five of us were staying in one room.  Madeline and Andrew woke up and started to talk.  Preston was still laying there so we thought he was sleeping.  All of a sudden Preston sat up and said, "I sleeping Sissy.  Go back to bed."

The first time we showed Preston his new toddler bed, he told me "I like it Mom."

Madeline: "Are we going out to eat after church?"
Me: "No."
Madeline: "So we don't have to be that good, right?"

We were walking into dance and Andrew runs across the parking lot without looking.
Me (going ballistic): " You need to look when you cross the street!! DO YOU WANT TO GET HIT BY A CAR?"
Andrew (without missing a beat): "Yeah, but if I die I get to see Jesus before you."

Every morning I ask Preston if he slept good.  One morning I opened his door and he said, "Mom, I seep good so much."

The five of us were sitting around eating dinner, and for once we were all completely silent.  Madeline said, "So....are there any announcements?"

When it comes time for the collection during church, we give each kid a dollar to put in the collection basket.  One week Preston started calling the dollar his "ticket."  When the basket came to us, he started pulling other bills out of the basket.  We took them from his hands (including his own dollar), but them in the basket, and passed it on.  He started SCREAMING at the top of his lungs, "MY TICKET!  I want my ticket back."  I'm pretty sure the entire church could hear him.  People were laughing hysterically (including myself) so we took him out of church.  Oops.

Andrew: "Mom, you get to party everytime we're at school."

We were looking at old pictures and came across a picture of Madeline ice skating.  Andrew looked at her and said, "Are you a professional?"

Madeline and Andrew were coloring pictures in the dining room.  Preston walked in there and said, "What guys are you doing?"

We were on the way to school and Madeline was wondering when her old Kindergarten teacher was going to be back from maternity leave.  Madeline said, "Maybe she needs a few days to calm down from having her baby."

Andrew and Madeline were arguing about something (you name it).  Andrew told her, "Madeline, you're not the boss of all words."

It was the morning of Preston's school pictures.
Me: "What are you going to say for the camera?"
Preston: "Happy New Year!"

We were in the car and an ambulance passed us.  Preston asked where the Firetruck was, and I told him I didn't know.  He said, "Hurry up, Firetruck!"

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