Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Weez turns 29

At the end of January we celebrated Maria's 29th birthday.  She came over before dinner so that the kids could give her presents they made. They wrapped their cards/notes in a capri sun box and were so proud of it.

We went to dinner at The Noble Experiment, the "secret bar" inside of Grazia.  I had been there multiple times and have had a great experience, and thought it would be fun to celebrate a birthday there.  Unfortunately the "Noble Experiment" experience did not live up to that of Grazia, but we still had a great time...

...starting with entering through the secret phone booth.

Grazia/The Noble Experiment have the best drinks.  Notice the pear slice on my drink. #pearlandpride

At the end of the night we asked them to put a candle in Maria's cake, but apparently it "was against fire code." Ahem.  Luckily Peter came through with his phone flashlight.

Love my sibs and the people who married them. :)

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