Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Valentine's Day

Having kids ages 5 and 7, Valentine's Day means one thing to them: candy.  We looked on Pinterest for Valentine ideas for their classmates.  Madeline picked these, and I thought they were perfect.  I can't get the picture to turn, but it says "We might as well be nerds together."

Andrew wanted a Star Wars theme.

Preston picked out these puppy valentines from the grocery store.  He loved the little tattoos.

 Since Valentine's Day was on a Tuesday, the boys had their parties on Monday.

I love these dinosaur shirts.

The kids in Andrew's class were so sweet.  They loved passing out Valentines to all of their friends.

However...I think they were more excited about the ice cream sundaes!

His class sang the "I Love You" Barney song.

I didn't go to Preston's party, but he had an ice cream party as well.  This was one of the valentines he came home with.  Too cute!

On Monday evening, Madeline put the finishing touches on her Lego Valentine box.

As Andrew was going through his goodies, he described all of the pictures he drew on his bag:
This is Madeline with shapes and Andrew with ice cream.

This is Preston in the ocean.

This is a whale and someone playing with a truck.

On Valentine's Day morning, Madeline  insisted on making all of us breakfast, and wouldn't let us come into the kitchen until she was done.  She pulled out frozen pancakes I had in the freezer, put them in the toaster, and cut them out with a heart shaped cookie cutter.

She had also made little valentines and books for everyone in our family, including Fergie.

We let the kids open little presents from us.  Preston got a flashlight. 

The other two got books.

Madeline was proud of the Valentine's Day shirt Granny made for her.  Parents weren't allowed to attend class parties this year (too much commotion), but she had an ice cream party too!

It ended up being an eventful day.  The weather was AWFUL.  Tornadoes were spotted near our neighborhood, so Madeline's school went on "bad weather" lockdown.  They had to lay down, holding a book over their necks for "ONE HOUR AND THREE SECONDS!"  Thankfully everyone was fine, but I can't imagine those poor teachers trying to have a class full of anxious, hyper kids be still for an hour.

ANYWHOO, the weather brought much cooler temps and Andrew was not happy.

That afternoon Aunt Niki brought over Valentine's Day balloons for the kids.  

That evening we took Andrew to TKD, where he got his yellow belt.  We came home and I cooked  Prosciutto Wrapped Scallops.  Go figure, all three kids loved the scallops.  I can think of exactly one meal (other than junk food) that all three kids love.  Scallops makes two. Figures.

Somehow Valentine's Day came and went without a picture of me and my Valentine.  He did win the "funny card" war though!

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